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    Balloon Circus World


    Many big circuses have closed recently due to various reasons. This is a very sad development as the traditional circus, featuring a ringmaster who introduced a variety of artistic acts, was established in the latter part of the 18th century.
    The closing of circuses makes us very sad and we would like to keep the tradition of these performances alive in a different way.
    We, Anja and Peter Sersch, have a dream. We would like to share our idea with the world. As we are balloon artists it is our dream to build a big Balloon Circus World, somewhere in the world. We would love to create a world of experience made out of balloons, where the visitors can walk through.

    Balloon Circus World will be a circus, completely made out of air filled latex balloons. A team of international balloon artists from all over the world will build this Balloon Circus World and bring it to life.

    Essentially the Balloon Circus Work consists of six different themes, means six different tents.

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    Balloon Twister Sersch

    With us you get the WOW effect.

    We offer you classic balloon decoration as garlands and arches, big balloon walls with your logo in it, balloon sculptures in all sizes as well as balloon workshops.

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    Now the future begins with Virtualoon!

    Virtualoon is a software that runs on any desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Offers color palettes with Betallic colors (single and double stuffed) made with real pictures. Qualatex palette (the single and premade double stuffed) is from the Qualatex homepage. Includes Hex, Grids with or without overlay. Save your designs and change it later. Premade designs are available and changeable.

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    Spikey Entertainment Webservices

    The Webservice for Entertainers.

    This is SPIKEY Entertainment Webservice, a service for all balloon twisters and decorators, magicians, face painters, singers, actors, entertainers, ventriloquists, stilt walkers, jugglers, clowns and others.

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    Balloon Artists Online

    The Website for every balloon artist all over the world!

    Here you can find helpfull tools, important links and information for balloon artists.

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    Global Balloon Network

    Our Network.

    We are offering you the opportunity to become a member of our new and unique balloon network.
    The Global Balloon Network is portal to all the services that we provide.

    Our vision is:
    1. To equip the balloon artist and or entertainer with the best tools available
    - Deco Builder
    - Decoloons
    - Balloon Tools
    - Virtualoon
    - Balloon Click

    2. To bring a world wide audience to your door
    - Global BalloonDelivery. (GBD)
    It is our desire to provide for you the tools that you need to expand your customer base and to strengthen your presence on the world wide web.
    We are expanding every day and will have more tools/sites to offer in the future.

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    Luxury Balloon Decor

    These page is coming up soon

    This is the right place to find unique designs for your event. We make everything possible what you have never seen before and you will never forget it.

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    Shop Global Balloon Network

    Our shop

    Here you find videos and software for balloon artists and decorators

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